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Happy 2020!

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Bali beauty

The beautiful island of Bali was brought to life for lots of us after reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, and while getting halfway across the world to Indonesia might not happen for everyone, bringing a little bit of Bali to you couldn't be easier. Many beauty brands take inspiration from the ingredients [...]

Hero ingredient: Bamboo

When it comes to your beauty cabinet, bamboo, commonly known as the staple food of our beloved pandas, probably isn’t the first hero ingredient to come to mind. But obviously pandas know best; as as well as providing sustenance for the bears, the plant is packed with beauty benefits for us humans too. Bamboo [...]

Why you shouldn’t sleep or swim while wearing contact lenses

Contact lens wearers have been urged not to wear lenses while sleeping or swimming. When worn properly, contact lenses provide a safe and effective form of vision correction. However, approximately one-third of wearers do not follow the proper hygiene instructions for their lenses, especially when sleeping or napping, with the U.S. Centers for Disease [...]

Holiday must-haves

It's natural to want to look good on our travels, but the majority of us have to rejig our usual beauty routine for our week in the sun. After all, it's not practical to dedicate a large chunk of suitcase space to your ten-step skincare regime! However, there are a few basic holiday essentials [...]

Tried and tested: Nail oil

Using an oil on your nails will make cuticles look and feel healthy, meaning your manicure will be even more polished. You can use kitchen oils such as olive and coconut, or treat yourself to a branded product designed to make your hands happy. We test out three. CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle [...]