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Lips 101

Lips; we all have a pair. And if you’re a woman, you’ve no doubt played up the feature with lipstick, some clever Cupid’s bow work, or even fillers. We asked consultant dermatologist Dr. Justine Kluk to give us the 411 when it comes to our pout. 1. Lip skin is different from the [...]

Five of the best: Eye creams

It's an often-forgotten part of a beauty regime - but just how important is an eye cream when it comes to maintaining a wrinkle-free facade? We run through our top picks of eye creams to stock your bathroom cabinet with right now. Proto-col's Collagen-rich Eye Filler is a weightless and refreshing blend that [...]

A guide to: Exfoliation

If you're after smooth skin this summer, exfoliation should be a key player in your routine. While most of us might give our face a scrub and our body a polish every once in a while, honing the technique could reap even further rewards. And if you suffer from sensitive skin or other skincare [...]