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beauty oil

Five of the best: Eye creams

It's an often-forgotten part of a beauty regime - but just how important is an eye cream when it comes to maintaining a wrinkle-free facade? We run through our top picks of eye creams to stock your bathroom cabinet with right now. Proto-col's Collagen-rich Eye Filler is a weightless and refreshing blend that [...]

Bali beauty

The beautiful island of Bali was brought to life for lots of us after reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, and while getting halfway across the world to Indonesia might not happen for everyone, bringing a little bit of Bali to you couldn't be easier. Many beauty brands take inspiration from the ingredients [...]

Tried and tested: Nail oil

Using an oil on your nails will make cuticles look and feel healthy, meaning your manicure will be even more polished. You can use kitchen oils such as olive and coconut, or treat yourself to a branded product designed to make your hands happy. We test out three. CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle [...]