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Most of us are inclined to shop, shop, shop, and then throw these products away once we’ve got our use out of them when we could be buying and wasting less through recycling.

This constant buying is extremely wasteful, not just in terms of money but in regards to the environment, so why not try recycling more? Lisa Bronner, blogger and speaker for natural and organic family soap-making company Dr. Bronner’s, has shared her tips for how to waste less.

Buy used

“Keep things in circulation. Not only is this friendly on the wallet, but it keeps stuff out of landfills,” Lisa enthuses. “Thrift stores or online resale sites are great places to find something used that you would never purchase new, like a high-end stroller or a designer coat.”

She also recommends hosting a swap with family and friends to exchange used items such as books, clothing, and children’s toys.

Buy less

“Logic dictates that if everything we buy is eventually trashed, buying less means trashing less. Consider if you really need that item. Will it bring lasting joy and utility, or is it just cheap? Or is it just there?” she says. “We are all prone to impulse buying – and don’t retailers know it! To defend against that, don’t shop when you’re tired, hungry, or distracted. Go in with a list, and with just enough cash to cover that list.”

Cut down your food waste

“Planning your meals ahead of shopping, and then buying only what you need. Use a surplus of veggies in catch-all dishes like stir fries, salads, pasta sauce, and pizza toppings,” Lisa suggests. “Toss fruit into smoothies or frozen yogurts.

Freeze for later use:

  • bananas for smoothies or breads;
  • sliced apples for pies or apple sauce;
  • pureed tomatoes for sauces;
  • blanched green veggies for soups or steaming;
  • stale bread for croutons or breadcrumbs.

And don’t discount those onion skins and carrot tops!

Collect and freeze veggie scraps to make broth. Compost the rest to start the food cycle over again.”

Give and decorate with consumables

“Don’t clutter up your loved ones’ homes either. Give gifts that can be used up – tickets, flowers, lunch dates, freezer food. Your friends and family who are too busy to cook will love it if you fill up their freezer with homemade food,” the expert shares.

“For short-term decorating, go with natural resources – take a nature walk and pick flowers, gather richly-coloured fall leaves or scented pine boughs. Dried peas, corn, beans and lentils layered in a glass bowl make a beautiful table decoration.”

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