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If we asked you to list your skincare regime, you’d have no problem in telling us cleanse, tone, moisturise, SPF… and so on.

But how about if we posed the question: what’s in your skincare? Despite the huge boom in skincare sales, a study of British shoppers has found that most people have no idea what’s inside the products they are putting on their skin.

Skincare: be aware of beauty ingredients

Skincare: know beauty ingredients

The skincare market is worth a reported eye-watering $134 billion annually. And while ingredient-led beauty is driving growth in a resilient market, people are yet to take control of their regimes.

A survey of more than 400 people by natural skincare company Skin Sapiens found that nine in 10 people had no idea what’s in the beauty products they buy.

Skin Sapiens Face Cream - Nourish & hydrate

Skin Sapiens Face Cream

The results left Skin Sapiens founder and CEO James Jardella unsurprised.

“Today, the skincare industry is led by hero ingredients and marketing claims,” he began in a chat with us. “As consumers we’re told daily that we need to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or AHA in our beauty regimes. Often those marketing messages are followed by ‘free from’ claims to give the sense of a product being clean. But to empower conscious skincare choices the industry needs to start talking about product formulations as a whole.”

Eczema sufferer James, who also grew up with teenage acne and skin sensitivity, began his own skincare journey in 2017, shortly after becoming a father. It led him to start making naturally simple skincare with plant-powered formulations for all ages, skin types and genders.

Much like how we approach our diet and what we put in our bodies, James says: “To have a better relationship with our skin and limit our impact on the planet we need to be saying, ‘Yes I want this in my skincare, and no I don’t want that, but what about the rest? How is it sourced and what is it packed in?’ Making it easy to answer those questions is what we’re all about.”

To help him achieve his goals, James implemented “show-all” ingredients lists and only uses recycled and recyclable packaging.

Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz also founded her natural skincare company because of eczema, after she failed to find any natural and gentle products she could use on her young Alexandra, who was battling multiple skin allergies.

Green People 24h Face Cream - Baicalin and avocado


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