Skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside the body, so it stands to reason that the way you ‘feed your skin’ has a fundamental part to play in the way you age.

It’s really no surprise to learn that there’s not a single food alone that will prevent wrinkles and ageing, but focusing on an organic plant-based diet rich in colourful phytonutrients, healthy fats and collagen-building proteins will keep your skin naturally nourished from the inside out.

Jessica Shand, Naturopathic Nutrition Coach of, has drawn up a list of foods which will boost your skin, support your digestive system and keep you looking as glowingly youthful as possible.

Here’s what she recommends including in your balanced diet:


Superfood: walnuts

Anti-ageing food: walnuts ©pixabay/boaphotostudio

Most nuts will benefit an anti-ageing skin thanks to the high content of healthy fats. Walnuts are especially skin-strengthening, being one of the richest plant sources of omega-3.


This protein-rich fermented milk ingredient has a high concentration of bacteria, yeasts and is full of skin-loving amino acids. It will promote a healthy balance of gut flora and will heal any overgrowth of ‘bad bacteria’, resulting in a positive impact on the look and quality of the skin.

Cooked tomatoes

Loaded with antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes (especially when cooked) will create an external beauty barrier against free radicals, sun, inflammation, stress, and pollution.


Anti-ageing food: broccoli

Anti-ageing food: broccoli (©pixabay/auntmasako)

The high levels of vitamin K found in broccoli will help boost circulation, strengthen capillaries and help fight dark circles.


Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats which moisturise the skin from the inside and provide it with fibre and vitamin E to protect against UV damage and keep skin elastic and strong.


The dark colour of this vegetable indicates the high level of antioxidants and phytochemical anthocyanin which helps fight against ageing free-radicals, while the flesh is high in dietary fibre and vitamin B, which contributes to radiant skin.


Super rich in skin-brightening vitamin C, kiwi fruit will aid growth and repair of tissue through collagen production.

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