Jimmy Choo has called on footwear fans to take part in a shoe sketch competition.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, creative director Sandra Choi has invited those staying at home and practicing social distancing to have a go at designing their own fantasy pair of shoes as part of the #CHOOSKETCH initiative.

Shoe sketching in watercolour

Shoe sketching in watercolor – Credits © pixabay/Layers

“Collaboration is integral to creativity. I collaborate daily with my design team; the dialogue of different ideas keeps inspiration ignited and pushes boundaries,” she said.

“We also look outside to collaborate with partners from different areas – fashion designers, artists, illustrators, and photographers, the opportunities are endless. Authenticity is key to a successful collaboration where the meeting of minds from different worlds fuses to spark the imagination resulting in ideas that surprise and delight.”

Those wanting to take part will need to draw their shoe design and submit it to the luxury label’s website by 15 May.

Choi and her team will select their top 10 designs and then ask Instagram followers to vote for five. Those winners will then see their sketches developed into a capsule collection, with the proceeds from sales to be donated to charity.

And to give Jimmy Choo fans a little inspiration, Choi uploaded a sketch of a spring-themed stiletto to social media. “Never more have we needed to look to things that help our minds keep calm and stay positive.

For my first #CHOOSKETCH I have created a fantasy shoe that takes inspiration from the pure beauty of blossom, contrasting against an infinite blue sky backlit with rays of golden sunlight.

Our lives are on pause but nature continues to weave her magic, that helps to fuel my optimism,” she added.

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