Davide Molteni, designer

Davide Molteni (aka DaviDesign) was born in Como in 1968.
He lives and works in Erba (Como Lake region, Italy).

He started his professional career in 1994. In 1998, he works as assistant to important fashion shows and then as PR for trendy clubs in Riccione, Milan and Como.

In 2001, he created the ENIGMA clothing brand for men and women, collaborating with artists for the production of limited edition garments.

In 2004, in collaboration with the artist Enzo Sant’Ambrogio, Davide created the LAGHI brand of clothing and accessories fully Made in Como.

During the Gallery Sweet Gallery event in Mariano Comense, he created and exhibited a chessboard, the pawns and a lady, the classic board game to be shared with a lady with a wide wicker skirt.

For the visitor, “play checkers with the lady” – in Italian it is “gioca a dama con la dama”, which has a funny tongue twister sound: this is the title of his work that was exhibited for a month during Elena Isella’s Gallery Sweet Gallery event.


In 2007, Davide launched the “TMT Events” in Como: an event and show agency along with partners Alberto and Matteo Torri.

In 2013 he began his career as an independent designer, creating furnishing pieces and accessories in wood and recycled materials.

Recently, he participated in the exhibition “SCOMPARTI” at Lariofiere (important Trade Show in Erba city) as well as a collective exhibition at the Opificio Zappa di Erba.

More info http://www.davidesigner.it/

Text © Davide Molteni

Images © www.makeupandvibes.com