Everyone knows how tempting it is to squeeze a spot when it pops up.

But doing so can end up permanently damaging the skin, and can also lead to the spread of blemishes. Instead of popping your zits, follow these simple tips to cover them up.

“It is important to be kind to your skin, especially if you are suffering a breakout, so I would always advise to avoid popping a spot if possible,” award-winning make-up artist Stacey Whittaker warned. “The squeezing motion is damaging to your skin and can lead to scarring so instead leave your breakout alone and cover it with make-up.”

Stacey’s favourite concealer is Inglot’s Freedom System Camouflage Concealer, which provides a heavier coverage than other options.

“Apply your foundation as normal and don’t apply a thicker layer over your entire face because of a couple of breakouts, instead apply your foundation as normal and add a little more around the breakout,” Stacey advised. “Follow this with a concealer and use a small concealer brush to gently pat the product onto the spot before carefully blending the edges out.”

Be careful not to blend the concealer too much, as that will end up moving the concealer around and reduce coverage. Once you’re happy with the coverage, you need to set the concealer to “ensure it will appear matte and last throughout the day”. Using a powder, gently press onto the breakout and avoid any sweeping motions.

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