Whether it be food, clothing or beauty, many brands are now switching to using organic ingredients.

Accordingly, as more of us make an effort to ditch unnecessary chemicals and additives from our bathroom cupboards, it is also important to understand exactly what to seek out when buying organic or natural skincare products.

So, what should you look for on the label? Dr. Pauline Hili, founder of Nourish London, first advises checking that a formula is Soil Association and/or COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) certified.

“All organic ingredients should be marked with an asterisk to give a clear indication of the organic components,” she told us. “It’s good to look for the standards body symbol and also the written descriptions.”

When using organic products, Dr. Hili explained that getting the best results out of your cleanser or moisturiser will depend on a number of factors including; the active ingredients used, the level of active ingredients, how the product is manufactured as well as the quality of ingredients. Organic products can be ideal for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as acne too.

“In my experience as a formulator, organic ingredients can really add to a well put together product,” the skin expert shared, adding that it is always advisable to conduct a patch test first to check that a formula won’t irritate the complexion.“Organic formulas can be very suitable for people with sensitive skin but it would be incorrect to assume every organic formula is suitable for people with sensitive skin. A product that is designed for sensitive skin and contains organic ingredients is the best one to look out for if a person has sensitive skin.”

Just like standard skincare products, it is also advisable to take note of the storage instructions of organic versions, as factors such as heat, light and packaging may impact the quality.

“Shelf life is determined by how the formula is put together – a well put together formula will have a good shelf life regardless of organic content,” Dr. Hili added.

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