Parents have been warned that some slime children’s toys may contain potentially toxic levels of chemicals.

Experts at consumer group Which? have tested 11 slime toys and found that eight of them breached limits for boron specified by EU safety standards.

Exposure to excessive levels of boron, a chemical found in borax (often used to create the slime polymer), could cause skin irritation, cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea, while animal studies have previously linked high levels of boron to birth defects and developmental issues.

Nikki Stopford, director of research and publishing at Which?, said that the eight products in question had been available for purchase on Amazon but were recently removed from the website.

“If you have school-age kids, you’re probably very well aware of the latest slime craze sweeping the playgrounds. Kids love it. Parents buying slime for their children should have peace of mind that these toys are safe, so they will be shocked to find that the health of their children could be put at risk by these slimes,” she said in a statement, adding that Which? executives are now calling for more regulation when it comes to the sale of these products.

“There must be fundamental changes to the product safety system. Manufacturers must stop making unsafe products and the government and retailers simply have to do a far better job of getting anything identified as a risk off the shelves and out of people’s homes.”

According to the Which? report, the worst slime product tested contained four times the recommended 300mg/kg level of boron. Only three of the slimes met the safety limits.

The findings have been passed on to the U.K. Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS).

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